First Printing of 2011 Version of PTG Training Products

We are pleased to announce first printing of our selected titles for the training products that correspond with Aprima PRM 2011. This printing includes the second version of the educational edition with student and instructor text books.  Listed below is the current status of our 2011 development for Aprima PMR 2011.  This release corresponds with the upcoming Aprima Users Conference happening in Dallas, TX on August 3, – 7.

Update on 2011 version of the training manuals.  – we have gone to “Print”

We have just submitted the titles listed below for the first edition printing. We have sample copies available for review. The Dallas meeting is where you can view this new release of the training materials which work with an enhanced database.  We are making these tools available through the reseller channel. This provides the opportunity to use these training methods and tools to expand the training opportunities with Aprima related clients. We have a new licensing program available with the 2011 release.  What we have developed will benefit Resellers and provides another mechanism to capitalize on the phenomenal growth and success Aprima has been achieving in the market place.

PTG developed Aprima EMR 2011 Text Books and Training Materials:

Education Version of the product for use in educational institutions:

Introduction to Electronic Medical Records  V2 Student Edition –   7/19/11 Print

Introduction to Electronic Medical Records V2 Instructor Edition – 7/19/11 Print

Demo and Sales Presentation Book for use by sales staff:

EMR Demonstration Scripts – 7/19/11 Print

Classroom Training Product used in a corporate training environment:

Basic Operator Class for Electronic Health Records – Aprima PRM 2011 – 7/19/11 Print

*Pending First Publication*

Administrative Class for Electronic Health Records – Aprima PRM 2011 – August 2011

Basic Operator Class for Practice Management – Aprima PRM 2011 –  December 2011

We are in the process of finishing new database content for the Practice Management (PM) materials.  We will be incorporating the PM content into the materials we have developed for the educational market and the classroom training product.  We expect to have the PM completed before the end of 2011.

All our products are designed around a custom database tailored specifically to these classes. It is very small with a limited number of patients. The database consists of patients with history that accentuates the features in the Aprima EMR and is used to reinforce the learning process through working exercises contained in the Educational Books, Sales Demonstration Scripts and Training Guides.

For questions or additional information about the new 2011 series please contact Kevin Knutson at or 423.521.5656.



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