Aprima Manuals Done – Videos on the Way

In January, 2012 we saw the release of all of our Aprima® PRM 2011 courseware. Our products for PRM 2011 include:  Basic Operator Class for Electronic Health Records Basic Operator Class for Practice Management, and Administrative Class for Electronic Medical Records and Practice Management (for medical office staff), and Introduction to Electronic Medical Records Instructor and Student Manuals, and Introduction to Practice Management Instructor and Student Manuals (for educational institutions). We also released the second edition of our EMR Demonstration Scripts for sales purposes.

Work has begun on the videos that coincide with the classes.  Learning is always better when you can read, see and do.  We feel the video lessons are critical to the success of our educational classes.  There are videos to complement each section in the manuals.  They are typically seven to ten minutes in length.  They demonstrate the features that are being covered in the different sections of the class to make completion of the class easier for students in a self-study environment.  They are also beneficial as short refreshers on features that are not used every day by the office staff.

The EHR videos are now available through Section 8 and we anticipate all the EHR videos will be complete by the end of October.  The Practice Management videos will follow.  We will keep you updated on the progress of this exciting new element of the educational materials.

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