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Christmas Season 2011 – Birth of Practice Management Training Guide

We are busy with the final tasks to finish the long-awaited first publication of our training manual for Aprima PRM 2011 that covers the essentials of the Practice Management System.  Although we have done over seven editions of the Basic Training Guides covering the features and capabilities for the Electronic Medical Record aspects for the Aprima products this is our first publication of a training guide covering the Practice Management System.  Our PTG members, other Aprima Resellers and customers have been asking us to do this, so this Christmas season our first Practice Management training guide will be born.

This manual has over 235+ pages of step-by-step examples of how to complete billing tasks and utilize the features of the Practice Management system.  A partial list of the topics covered are

Basics of navigation ♦ In-depth exploration of patient demographics ♦ Appointment scheduling functions and usage ♦ Reviewing past notes for billing information ♦ Patient history ♦ Attaching documents, photos and advanced directives to patients charts ♦  Messaging for phone calls, tasks, refills and authorization requests ♦ Creating batches and charge tickets ♦  Patient check-in,  co-pays ♦ deposit slips ♦ office charge posting ♦ check-out functions ♦ hospital charges ♦ personal and insurance payment posting; adjustments ♦ day/month end balancing procedures ♦ Practice Management Reports ♦ fee schedules and more.

Downloadable Sample Section 3 – Scheduling

Below is a link to a downloadable pdf file containing Section 3 from the “Basic Operator Class for Practice Management – Aprima PRM 2011″.  This file contains the high quality graphics suitable for color printing (warning 35 MB size).  Download and save for future reference or use as a training guide.

Downloadable PDF file for section 3 Scheduling

If you would like more information our contact information is on the front and back cover of the document.

Physician Technology Group

Telephone: 423.521.5656 ♦